ibherb tv

use a high-resolution monitor for best viewing!

1-min chill

  • first short video set to original music and posted to Facebook, 11/21 (1 minute)

Kinetic Photography with Moby

  • ibherb's videoscape to accompany Moby's "A Seated Night" (4 minutes)

Ceci N'est Pas Une Poodle

  • ibherb's show at Nassau Valley Vineyards, 7/14 (16 minutes)

Extended Play (Load Your Own Tunes)

  • choose your own tunes, 2/13 (15 minutes)

Al's Ominous Series

  • a darker foray prompted by Al Wendt, 4/13 (5 minutes)

Rainbow for Reina

  • soothing tunes to a rainbow palette, 4/13 (4 minutes)

Enticement for the Eye, Enigma for the Mind

  • ibherb's first videoscape, 2/13 (5 minutes)