Herb Burgess | Hawaii

from figurative to abstract

ibherb's figurative photographs have won awards from such organizations as the Sierra Club's Hawai'i chapter and the American Hosta Society. He has practiced as a painter and spent years in art and art media sales and marketing. In 2010 he ventured into abstract photography, joining other practitioners of kinetic photography to leverage his camera's technology to capture images invisible to the eye alone.

He shoots with Sony, and his catalog now includes several thousand unique photoscapes, many of which are available for purchase from Zenfolio. A former resident of Kaimuki in Honolulu and member of the Digital Arts Society of Hawai'i, his photoscapes re-present objects from piles of laundry to skyscrapers, captured in intimate moments or amid public hustle and bustle. Visit the Zenfolio page or his Youtube productions to soothe your eyes and pique your curiosity, or visit his Vimeo videoscape set to Moby's "A Seated Night."